The Sequim Sunday Riders is a group that meets every Sunday morning at the entrance to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge. Known unofficially as the Sunday Ride Group, it’s simply the riders who happen to participate on any given Sunday.  It isn’t a formal organization and, like many cycling groups on the Olympic Peninsula (the OP), it has two central requirements for anyone who wants to join:

  • Show up,
  • Wear a helmet.

Like most of the area cycling groups around Sequim, Port Angeles, and Port Townsend, the Sunday Riders are there for the pure fun of riding, to enjoy the companionship of other cyclists, for exercise, and for the joy of being outdoors. Many, but not all, participants also are members of the other local cycling clubs such as the Spoke Folk.

The number of riders on any given Sunday varies from 2-30 depending on weather and other competing activities (we are a very active bunch and often have to choose between cycling, hiking, kayaking, golfing, etc.).

We gather for the ride every Sunday morning, weather and road conditions permitting.  The ride ‘officially’ starts at the entrance to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge located at the intersection of Lotzgesell Rd. and Voice of America Rd. The starting time is seasonally adjusted: in summer, the ride begins at 9:00 a.m.; in spring and fall, it starts at 9:30 a.m., and during the winter months, we head out at 10:00 a.m.  We do leave promptly at the appointed time..

The ride follows the Sunday Ride Loop route–a road bike route–and covers about 30 miles, though there are options for longer and shorter rides.  Each ride usually has more than one group based on ride pace and route options, so it’s normally easy to find someone to ride with. As an alternative personal starting location to add some miles, you can park at the Cracked Bean coffee shop in Sequim (where we normally gather for an after-ride cup and chat) and leave from there to rendezvous at the Wildlife Refuge for the official starting time; from Cracked Bean to the official start is eight miles, so plan accordingly if this is what you’d like to do–depending on your riding pace, you should plan to leave the Cracked Bean 30-60 minutes before the the group leaves the start at the Wildlife Refuge.

The mid-point on the Sunday Ride for most–the “turn around”–is at the John Wayne Marina east of Sequim.  The marina has bathroom facilities and water if you need them.  From this point you have a couple of options: riding a bit further east to pick up the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) back into town, or tackle the “brief but spectacular” climb up Whitefeather Way to the junction with the ODT.  

From there, you still have a couple of options:

  • Head back into town and be at the head of the line ordering at Cracked Bean.
  • Add some more miles to your ride by joining the group that takes Happy Valley Road south of US 101 before heading to the Crack Bean.

Either way, you’ll have fun–though the climb up Happy Valley Road from the junction at US 101 to where the road turns west to cross the valley can be challenging.

If you’re in town on a Sunday morning and looking for a group of people to ride with, you’ve got it in the Sunday Riders Club!

For more information on the route, just check out the Sunday Ride Loop route listed under Road Bike Routes.  To confirm start time, just check the calendar on our home page.  For any other information, contact the ride host, Randy Barber.