Total distance: 37.42 mi
Max elevation: 607 ft
Total climbing: 1965 ft
Total descent: -2238 ft
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    The route from Forks to Kalaloch (pronounced “Klaylock”) follows US Scenic Highway 101.  Overall, with due caution and attention, this is a safe route, but at various points the shoulders are narrow or, at bridges crossing the Bogachiel and the Hoh Rivers, non-existent.  You should also anticipate the occasional logging truck and, in summer months, more traffic generally.  

    It’s still a stunningly beautiful route, especially over the last 10 miles or so as you track close to the coast and get increasingly frequent glimpses of the Pacific Ocean and the beaches.  Consider stopping on the way at Ruby Beach.  A side trip into the Hoh Rainforest is certainly worthwhile, but involves an additional 34-mile out-and-back to the Hoh River Visitor Center.

    At Kalaloch you have a couple of choices for lodging: the Kalaloch Beach Campground or the Kalaloch Lodge.  

    For much of the route you’ll be riding through Olympic National Park or Olympic National Forest.

    You won’t encounter any fee stations along US 101 or the Pacific Coast beaches but you will if you visit the Hoh Rainforest.

    Lodging is available year round at both the campground and the lodge, but vacant sites and rooms may be very hard to come by in the peak summer months, so it’s best to make reservations well in advance.

  • Region: Northwest
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