Total distance: 28.44 mi
Max elevation: 200 ft
Total climbing: 1263 ft
Total descent: -1266 ft
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Route Category: Road BikeRoute Tags: Grays Harbor

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  • Description

    East Hoquiam to Wishkah is an easy road bike route initially posted in Ride With GPS by Bicycle Grays Harbor, an informal group of cyclists in Grays Harbor.  It’s described as “A nice loop route from Aberdeen, to Hoquiam, out the East Hoquiam road and back on the Wishkah road.”

    east hoquiam to wishkah

    La Vogue Bike Shop in Hoquiam

    As of August 1, 2017, OPBA has no further information on the route and the Bicycle Grays Harbor group seems to have dissipated. It might be worth checking in with La Vogue Bike Shop in Hoquiam, though.

    We’ve rated East Hoquiam to Wishkah an Easy route because of distance and the absence of any significant climbs. That rating, however, is also based on the descriptions provided by the folks in Grays Harbor, not on a first-hand, up close and personal assessment.

    If anyone has further details to provide either on the route or on the Grays Harbor bicycling scene (including a point of contact), we’d love to hear from you.  Contact us!

    We’ll update this listing as soon as we get more information.

  • Region: Southwest
    Icon Display - Surface Road: Yes
    Icon Display - Difficulty Easy: Yes
    Icon Display - Route Style Loop: Yes
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