How do you decide which services to list?2017-07-18T09:51:38-07:00

We try to include a broad representation of service providers and vendors in each category, but we can’t include every one.  We also do our best to verify that a service provider or vendor is indeed “cyclist friendly,” and offers good value, quality, and superior customer service in general.  Based on these standards OPBA decides which service providers and vendors to list in each category, which businesses to accept as sponsors, and the nature and content of advertising appearing on our website.  

How do you decide which business gets listed in your “Services” section?2017-07-18T09:49:56-07:00

We try to include a good representation of service providers and vendors in each category, but we obviously can’t list every business.  We also make every effort to verify that a service provider or vendor is indeed “cyclist friendly,” offers quality, value, and good customer service in general.  OPBA makes the final decision on listing a business on our services page, accepting an application for a Business Sponsorship, and the nature and content of advertising on our site.  

How do I advertise on your site?2017-07-18T09:49:57-07:00

We have a variety of ways businesses can advertise on our site, and we can tailor an advertising campaign to your specific needs and budget.  Contact us and we can discuss what’s best for you and how you can make the most of a presence on the OPBA website.

Please explain your difficulty ratings. What’s “Easy” for one person may not be “Easy” for someone else, so how can I know?2017-07-18T09:49:57-07:00

Our difficulty ratings take into consideration the length of a route or a ride (an event), the pace, the terrain, and a rider’s skill level.

For road bike routes, terrain means the overall steepness of the route as well as the number and grade of individual segments. For mountain bike and mixed surface routes, terrain also incorporates information about how smooth or rough the trail/unpaved surface is, and the number and type of obstacles encountered.

  • The categories we use to define a rider’s skill level are pretty straightforward and common sense; they’re not a scientific or objective, comprehensive scale.
  • A beginner cyclist has the basic skills to ride a bicycle, is familiar with rules of the road and proper bike manners, and can ride safely and comfortably on easy routes.
  • An intermediate cyclist has some experience, good bike-handling skills, and rides safely and comfortably in a variety of conditions on intermediate routes.
  • An advanced cyclist has extensive experience, excellent bike-handling skills, and rides safely and comfortably on advanced routes.
  • An expert cyclist has extensive experience on a wide variety of routes, exceptional bike-handling skills, and rides safely and comfortably on expert routes.
What’s the difference between a route and a ride?2017-07-18T09:49:57-07:00

A route is static—it’s the path a cyclist follows; a ride is active—it’s when a cyclist follows a route.

What about these education, safety, and training programs you mentioned?2017-07-18T09:49:57-07:00
  • As a new organization, we’re just in the process of designing and implementing a wide variety of programs and partnerships that will focus on all aspects of cycling on the OP, such as:
    • A “Bike Basics for All” course, for instance, will be an introduction to the basics of cycling safely, courteously, and responsibly.
    • Youth cycling teams to promote cycling as a structured physical activity/sport that can be pursued over a lifetime.
    • Outreach and collaboration with other organizations and governmental entities on the OP to make roads, streets, and trail systems safer, and to encourage cycling as an alternative means of transportation.
Can I cancel my membership whenever I want and if I do, do I get a refund?2017-07-18T09:49:57-07:00
  • We hope you won’t, but if, for whatever reason, you decide to terminate your membership, just let us know and we’ll take you off our member list once your membership expires.
  • Membership fees, however, are not refundable. Once you become a member, your membership is good for one year and can be automatically renewed.
What does it cost?2017-07-18T09:49:57-07:00
  • Standard Individual Membership: $35 a year.
  • Student Membership: $25 a year.
  • Business Sponsorship: $250 a year.
  • Non-profit Partnership: $50 a year.
  • Patron:  $500 a year, though larger contributions are more than welcome. 
Why should I join OPBA?2017-07-18T09:49:57-07:00

First and foremost because joining OPBA helps develop and sustain the Olympic Peninsula—the OP—as a safer, better place for all cyclists, whether they live here or are just visiting.

Our aim is to become a cyclist friendly region and you membership helps by:

  • Providing support and funding for bicycle education, training, and safety programs throughout the Peninsula.
  • Enabling community groups and governmental entities to develop, sustain, and enhance a “cyclist friendly” environment in every community across the OP.
  • Assisting other non-profit organizations to create, improve, and maintain bicycle routes, trails, and parks.
  • Encouraging bicycling as an alternative, more environmentally friendly form of transportation and as a healthy activity for all ages.

As a member, you also get discounts from participating Business Sponsors, early notification of, and priority registration for, OPBA events and other promotions.

As a Business Sponsor you’ll attract more cyclists to your business.  The number of cyclists living on or visiting the OP is increasing and our goal is to get more people out cycling here–and looking for cyclist friendly businesses to frequent.

As a non-profit Partner you’ll become a part of a growing, more connected network of cycling and cycling-related organizations where closer, moe effective collaboration on common goals can speed success in reaching them.

As a Patron you’ll be giving critical financial support to a cause you believe in.

OPBA is a 501(3)(c) organization, so your membership fees and donations are tax deductible.

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