Last month, Nick Batcheller, Forest Hietpas  and friends, led the first “Disco Bay Mixer,” a mixed surface ride that, in every respect, was epic!  Here’s his account of the February 24th ride.

“When we thought to have a group ride through the foothills of the Olympics in late February we were most certainly expecting hours of rain, mud clogged bikes and soggy feet with maybe a flicker of blue sun-like light if we “scored” on our timing. The Disco Bay Mixer Bicycle Ramble on Feb 24th was altogether a different story.  At 9 am 30 plus riders rode away from Rainshadow Coffee after a breakfast/caffeine feast as hail pelted down and the wind blew stiff from the south.

group rides olympic peninsula

An ominous start.

Leaving Sequim toward Blyn, the Olympic Discovery Trail was covered with snow in a lot of spots and ice was an apparent danger.  Heading south into the hills above Sequim Bay the road quickly turned from packed  wet slush into deep, dry, grippy powder that was downright magic to pedal on.

After a few mile ascent up Woods Road we stopped and spent an hour or so huddled by a creekside fire sharing hot beverages and gabbing with excitement about bicycles and the day’s conditions.Soon we departed from the creek spot and the sun began to break through as we road slowly and quietly in the forest, beams of light danced between the trees and chunks of snow showered from limbs above as the temperature began to warm. Passing through the Snow Creek area were wide open clear cuts where the sun shined on our faces and you could feel the collective stoke that we were all experiencing something special out there that day.


olympic peninsula cycling group rides

Snow biking

The snow was nearly a foot deep for a couple miles and the  descents were wonderfully free and out of control.  Most if not all was rideable and ridden by the entire group, even the brave, adventurous souls with narrow slick tires. As we dropped altitude down to Uncas Road and Discovery Bay the white wonderland transformed into the more familiar rich, green, rolling coastal landscape. A quick stop for some eats and a pint or few at the Disco Bay Detour and we were back pedaling along the low traffic, scenic roads that meander through Gardiner, Diamond Point and Blyn without a breath of wind in our faces.

group rides olympic peninsula

Disco Bay Detour

group rides olympic peninsula cycling

Nick Batcheller at the Peninsula Tap Room after the ride

Entering Sequim the sun wrestled free from the high clouds once again and we watched it slowly dip behind the Olympics to the west as we road the Discovery Trail once again back into town center. The group ride ended at the Peninsula Taproom where we were all able to share stories and perspectives from a day that was unlike anything we expected it to be. The  Disco Bay Mixer was an absolute success, we were able to pull a group of like minded local cyclists together, ride on almost every surface possible, drink coffee, drink beer, marvel at nature and spend an entire day around bicycles, sunshine to boot! Great Times!