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Uncategorized is for information fitting multiple categories, but not readily characterized within either “Event,” “News,” “Events,” “Bike Manners,” “Bike Safety,” or “Cycling Groups,” exclusively. Some items of information may be randomly assigned to the most appropriate category even if it is not an exact fit.  Others may listed within one or more specific categories based on context.

As an example, if a municipality such as Aberdeen, working with a local cycling group, sponsored, planned, and held a series of cycling events the focus of which was to focus on bike safety and bike manners, and involved both road and mountain bike routes, we might be hard pressed to decide on which category was most appropriate.  If we chose, for some reason, not to list it in multiple categories, our other option would be to list it as “Uncategorized.”

Tour de Lavender Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for the 2018 Tour de Lavender!  The Sixth Annual Tour de Lavender, scheduled for August 4th, is looking for a few--actually A LOT--of good women and men volunteers to help make this year's tour the best ever. Over 500 riders are expected to register and ride in the event which has become the premier cycling event for [...]

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