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Events are cycling (or related) activities sponsored, planned, and held by an organization or group.  They may or may not require fees.  The sponsor could be a formal organization, whether a business, a non-profit, or a governmental entity; informal groups can also sponsor, plan, and hold such activities. Cycling-related activities are things such as bicycle safety classes or training sessions that do not directly involve riding a bicycle.

Events listed on this website do involve cycling–riding a bicycle along a prescribed route.  As such they have specific requirements for all participants and involve each rider reading and signing a waiver.

The Veteran and the Bicycle

“Let me tell you a story about veterans,” she said. “I really missed my brother—I mean the one I knew before he went to war. He loved life, he smiled, he laughed, he enjoyed things, simple things, you know? He was a positive kind of guy, always looking ahead, figuring out how to solve problems. I can’t tell you the [...]

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Disco Bay Mixer

Last month, Nick Batcheller, Forest Hietpas  and friends, led the first "Disco Bay Mixer," a mixed surface ride that, in every respect, was epic!  Here's his account of the February 24th ride. "When we thought to have a group ride through the foothills of the Olympics in late February we were most certainly expecting hours of rain, mud clogged bikes and soggy [...]

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“Buckaroos” & “Wranglers”

OPBA is looking for participants and volunteers to be part of the inaugural Sequim Bike Rodeo.  A bike rodeo is a fun opportunity for kids from kindergarten through 5th grade to learn how to ride their bikes safely.  It's a FREE event, so kids bring your parents (and make they sure they sign their release forms so you can be a [...]

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The Spoke Folk in Sequim

The Spoke Folk Riding Club is a group of over 100 riders from the Sequim and Port Angeles area who ride regularly for the pure fun of riding, to enjoy the companionship of other cyclists, for exercise, and for the joy of being outdoors. Their regular rides are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.  They meet at the Sequim Community Church [...]

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The Sequim Sunday Riders

The Sequim Sunday Riders is a group that meets every Sunday morning at the entrance to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge. Known unofficially as the Sunday Ride Group, it's simply the riders who happen to participate on any given Sunday.  It isn't a formal organization and, like many cycling groups on the Olympic Peninsula (the OP), it has two central [...]

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