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An Event is a cycling activity usually sponsored, planned, and held by an organization or group.  Events may or may not require fees.  The sponsor could be a formal organization, whether a business, a non-profit, or a governmental entity; informal groups can also sponsor, plan, and hold events.  They can also be a cycling-related activity such as a bicycle safety class or training session that does not directly involve riding a bicycle.

Usually, an Event listed on this website does involve cycling–riding a bicycle along a prescribed route.  As such it has specific requirements for all participants and involves each rider reading and signing a waiver.

Emerald City Ride

The 2018 Emerald City Ride, a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to ride iconic scenic routes in Seattle traffic free, will take place on Sunday morning, April 8th. Cascade Bicycle Club (CBC)  holds the event which is presented by Kaiser-Permanente. OPBA Members Get A 10% Discount! If you're already a member, you've gotten a discount code to take advantage of a great offer: you get [...]

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2018 Tour de Dungeness

  The 2018 Tour de Dungeness is a wrap.  This year marked the 21st time the Pacific Northwest's road bike racing season has kicked off in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains.  The "Tour de Dung" annually brings 400--500 cyclists from all over the region to compete over two successive weekends--March 10th and 17th this year. The course is [...]

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“Buckaroos” & “Wranglers”

OPBA is looking for participants and volunteers to be part of the inaugural Sequim Bike Rodeo.  A bike rodeo is a fun opportunity for kids from kindergarten through 5th grade to learn how to ride their bikes safely.  It's a FREE event, so kids bring your parents (and make they sure they sign their release forms so you can be a [...]

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