Welcome to Olympic Peninsula Cycling and OPBA—the Olympic Peninsula Bicycle Alliance.

We live here and we’re passionate about cycling here. So in early 2017 we decided it was time to share that passion—to get the word out about the extraordinary cycling fun and adventure we get to enjoy year ‘round. What we realized right away was that there just weren’t a lot of readily available, easily accessed sources of information about cycling on the Olympic Peninsula—the OP.

A Google search of “bike rides Olympic Peninsula” seems to yield several possible sources, but when you start drilling down, many sites are very general, have no interactive mapping capability, or are outdated.

In Mike McQuaid’s 75 Classic Rides Washington, the Olympic and the Kitsap peninsulas share a chapter billing and a total of seven rides are listed, four of them on the OP. Now don’t get us wrong—the rides he’s listed are, indeed, great rides and well-deserving of the “classic” moniker. Mike gives you a great overview of each with some humorous commentary as well. But they’re all in the northeastern part of the OP and, because Mike focused only on road biking, you won’t find anything on mountain bike trails or mixed surface (gravel) rides.

The Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT), already a main route for cyclists, hikers, and horseback riders, will span the entire northern peninsula from the Port Townsend in the east to its western terminus at La Push on the Pacific coast when completed. A wealth of information about the ODT, including maps, is available on the ODT website and through the Peninsula Trails Coalition (PTC), which builds and maintains the ODT. As extraordinary as it is and will be, though, it only traverses the Peninsula’s northern tier.

At the same time, we’ve seen increased numbers of cyclists on our roads and trails. They come from all over the US and abroad. They come into bike shops seeking the information they couldn’t find before leaving home: Where can they ride? Who can they ride with? What services cater to cyclists’ needs? Is the region “cyclist friendly?”

In short, we saw a need for a comprehensive source of information for all cyclists interested in riding the OP, whether they live here, are visiting, or are planning a visit.

As a 501(3)c non-profit organization IRS 501(3)c your membership and donations can help us serve the interests and meet the needs of all cyclists on the Olympic Peninsula, whether they live here or come to visit.

We envision the Olympic Peninsula as an entire region of cyclist friendly towns and cities where cycling is a way of life—a primary means of transportation, health and fitness, and community engagement and enrichment.   We see the OP as a whole new world of cycling adventure, discovery, and enjoyment.

Our mission is to make cycling the OP better, safer, and more accessible for all cyclists. We work closely with governments and businesses, organizations and individuals, to promote bicycle safety, education, and training, while promoting the Olympic Peninsula as a premier cycling destination.

During the coming year, we’ll be growing our membership, adding new routes to our library of great rides, and otherwise working to achieve our goal of becoming a principal source of information on all things related to cycling the OP.

We hope you’ll join us!

Become a member today and come ride the OP with us!