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About Ken Stringer

Ken Stringer is OPBA’s President. He’d only dabbled in cycling before coming to the Olympic Peninsula in 2012. Then he fell in with this “biker gang,” and has since logged more miles, climbed more hills, and enjoyed more adventures on his bicycle than he ever imagined he would. Retired from a career in government and management consulting, his focus is on cycling and community engagement. He’s a founder of CommunityPlus, a group dedicated to promoting civility, civil discourse and community engagement, and also serves on the Board of the Sequim YMCA.

Come Ride the “OP”

Welcome to Olympic Peninsula Cycling and OPBA—the Olympic Peninsula Bicycle Alliance. We live here and we’re passionate about cycling here. So in early 2017 we decided it was time to share that passion—to get the word out about the extraordinary cycling fun and adventure we get to enjoy year ‘round. What we realized right away was that there just [...]

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A Sense of Discovery

The Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) is a magnificent idea that is steadily becoming a reality, thanks to an equally magnificent, decades-long effort and commitment by the Peninsula Trails Coalition. Those of us who live here on the Olympic Peninsula’s northern edge get to ride parts or all of the ODT anytime we want. For many of us, parts of [...]

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The Sequim Sunday Riders

The Sequim Sunday Riders is a group that meets every Sunday morning at the entrance to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge. Known unofficially as the Sunday Ride Group, it's simply the riders who happen to participate on any given Sunday.  It isn't a formal organization and, like many cycling groups on the Olympic Peninsula (the OP), it has two central [...]

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Riding the Ridge

The road up Hurricane Ridge is one of the iconic cycling routes in Washington. It’s the only one where you can ride from sea level to nearly a mile high in just 20 miles. During the summer season (May 1 through October 15) the road is open 24 hours every day of the week, meaning you can tackle the challenge [...]

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Bicycling Courtesy

We’re passionate about cycling here on the Olympic Peninsula. Whether it’s heading out for a leisurely ride on the local scenic byways, exploring a new single-track mountain bike trail, or wandering on two wheels for hours down a hard-packed dirt or gravel road, we can easily get carried away with the sheer joy and excitement of the ride! But we [...]

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